Apparel Labeling

Besides Heat Transfers Subli offers printed apparel labels ranging from care & content labels, vendor ID labels and brand ID labels. We carry various substrates tapes such as satin, nylon, cotton and paper (tear away). Our printed labels are designed to meet RSL standards and are engineered to withstand industry wash standards.

Please inquire with one of our sales representatives for more information.

Care and Content Labels

We produce global care labels that can contain sizing, care instructions, country of origin and style information, labels can be printed on various substrates such as satin, cotton, nylon and polyester by way of focus print or thermal transfer print.

Brand ID labels

Brand ID labels are your opportunity to communicate your brand ID. These labels can be printed on a variety of substrates using focus print or screen print.

Woven Labels

Woven labels come in various weaving techniques such as broad loom and needle loom, we can support up to 8 colors in various deniers and offer various finishes such as woven edge and ultrasonic cut.

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